Material & Care

Gold Vermeil:

All our fine jewelry is made of Gold Vermeil (Pronounced as “Vur-May”). Sounds fancy, but what does this really mean? Let us break it down for you: Vermeil is Sterling Silver (92.5%) that has been specifically plated with a thick layer of at least 10-24k Solid Gold with 2.5 microns. The durability of this material depends heavily on the level of karat gold; the lower-karat alloys do not scratch and wear out as easily.

We use 18k Gold Vermeil and all our jewelry is marked with a stamp denoting our logo and the standard silver purity value on the gold surface of our jewelry: “925”


How to Take Care of Vermeil:

Gold Vermeil will not tarnish like silver or result in discoloration, however, over time it may fade slightly. Some contributing factors to this are dust, pollution, perfumes, and cosmetics. We strongly advise that you store your jewelry in the Forever Timeless box that it came in to prevent any oxidation. Additionally, we strongly recommend removing all jewelry when applying perfume, lotion, taking a shower or even washing your hands.